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Welcome to Hiring Questions & Answers!

Thinking about a role at Mailbird or already submitted an application? Find answers to our top questions here.

If I can't find a role that suits my preferences, can I submit a general application?

Yes, you certainly can, we welcome them! We believe in being open to talented individuals, and we often refer to these applications when new positions arise. When you send in an application, it's stored in our records. If and when a position opens up that matches your skills and experience, we'll reach out to you. It's our way of ensuring we consider a broad spectrum of candidates. However, we also recommend regularly checking our Careers Page and applying for specific roles to directly engage with us.

How can I distinguish my application from others?

Take your time with our application questions. We really look into the answers, and a well-thought-out response can make your application shine.

While it might be tempting, try not to just copy our questions into an AI chatbot and paste the answers back. We can typically tell if the responses aren't your own. We're not against AI, but we value original thoughts and perspectives. Make sure your answers are a true reflection of you; it adds so much more value.

I’ve submitted my application. How soon can I expect to hear back, and what will the feedback process be like?

We are committed to responding to every applicant! In the early stages of the selection process, due to the volume of applications we receive, you might initially receive automated feedback. We understand the effort put into each application and genuinely wish we could offer personalized responses from the get-go. If you seek specific feedback at this stage, feel free to reach out, and we’ll certainly take another look and provide detailed insights.

Our small team is dedicated and works diligently to review every application with care. As you progress to the interview or skill testing stages, we prioritize offering immediate and individualized feedback to guide and inform your journey with us.

If you haven’t heard from us within a week, we encourage a follow-up. We’re committed to ensuring every applicant is acknowledged, and occasionally, technical glitches can occur. Your patience is greatly appreciated as we strive to give each application the detailed attention it deserves, especially during periods of extensive hiring. Your interest and effort are highly valued, and we’re excited about the prospect of welcoming new talents to our team!

Who will be my point of contact throughout the selection process?

Throughout our recruitment process, you'll be in touch with several key players integral to our hiring process. This will typically include a representative from our HR department, the Hiring Manager overseeing the specific role you're applying for, and occasionally other members from the related hiring department.

Our method is rooted in collaboration to guarantee a holistic assessment and to give you a well-rounded insight into both our company and the role you're pursuing.

What does the Culture fit interview entail?

This interview serves as a preliminary conversation between our Recruiter and you at the beginning of the recruitment journey. It's an opportunity for us to genuinely understand you, your distinct experiences, qualifications, and competencies to see how they align with the job's demands. Additionally, we'll discuss your aspirations regarding the role, delve into Mailbird's culture, and give you a platform to address any questions you might have.

For those applying to software development positions, we often incorporate a few technical questions to gauge your proficiency, streamlining the subsequent steps in the hiring process.

Why are the interviews recorded?

We record interviews because multiple individuals are involved in our hiring process. Having a recording simplifies the coordination of their evaluations. This approach not only saves time for everyone involved but also guarantees a more efficient and timely recruitment process.

Am I allowed to apply again for a position I'm interested in?

We fully recognize that life presents new learnings and avenues for development. If you believe you've gained new skills, experience, or qualifications over the past year since your last application, please feel free to submit a new one. Personal and professional growth can happen uniquely for everyone, but we generally advise waiting about a year before reapplying.